Monday, January 6, 2014

Too many

Well, I originally planned to grow 8 trees. I was going to build a greenhouse for them. 
When I started to plan the size of the hot house I worked out 8 was too many.
I am thinking about keeping 6 now. This will leave me with over 40 plants. 
I am thinking of taking them to the local market and selling some off. 
If I can get $15 to $20 each, I can cover my initial costs and help to fund my greenhouse. 
I am even considering keeping a couple of extras and keeping them as indoor plants. Have to see what the wife thinks of that. 
Just I case I didn't mention it earlier, I am in southern Melbourne, in Pakenham which is why they need to be kept indoors. 
Apparently the frost will kill them off quickly and direct sunlit is not good for them either.