Friday, March 7, 2014

Time goes on

I now have 52 seedlings that are mostly doing well. There are a couple of runts that were slow to take off. In addition to this I took 6 plants to work to brighten up the desks. These are doing better than the seeds from home and have got their pointy leaves sprouting already. It makes me think that being under artificial lights for 16 hours a day is a good thing. 
One of my runts has only just broken out of its seed. I was amazed when it sprouted from the soil but it is under developed and needed a hand to break out.
My 4 seedlings are doing great. They have really taken off. 2 are growing faster and have been looked after in much the same way. 
While I wait patiently for the plants to grow I have been looking at what I can use the coffee fruit for. I had the beans worked out from day one and I was hoping the flesh would be useful as well. After a bit of research I found you can make wine, tea, cider and jam out of it. There is also a drink from Yemen made from the dried fruit mixed with ginger.  All this information is not helping with my patience. 
Lots to look forward to. 

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